Benefits of Membership

Join the Global Community of Professionals in the Management of Clinical Data

Over the last 30 years the ACDM has had several thousand members across the World. Every year we have a large number of new members join us and a small number of members who leave us for reasons ranging from retirement through to moving to a different area of work. Each and every member gains the following benefits from their membership:

  • Access to training courses and resources at a discounted rate
  • An Annual Conference to keep up to date with the latest developments in the area
  • Regular newsletters and updates about the ACDM and the area of the management of clinical data
  • Free access to regular hot topic discussions
  • Access to the members area of the ACDM Website
  • Recognition as being a member of a globally recognised association


Membership Types

Ordinary For employees of the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry who are directly involved in clinical or other biomedical data management, this includes employees from employees from pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and CRO and data managers and related employees.

Membership Fee: £47 per year

Associate For other employees of the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry, including Biotech Companies and Contract Research Organisations, whose job function is within disciplines related to Clinical Data Management – including (without limitation) data managers and related employees.

Membership Fee: £47 per year

Affiliate This is open to employees of other support organisations or parties, with an interest in Clinical Data Management.  Affiliate members are unable to vote on ACDM matters or stand for election as Director.  Affiliates do not have access to the online “Membership Database”.

Membership Fee: £47 per year

Corporate* Companies and other Corporate bodies are able to apply for Corporate membership to enable them to sponsor any number of individual employees, based at a single corporate/company address.  These members need to qualify for Ordinary, Affiliate or Overseas membership.

Membership Fee: £150 per year

Student Membership is for students in fulltime education – you must email official proof of your student status when you apply for membership and at various other points throughout your membership.  Students will have the same rights as Ordinary members.

Membership Fee: £23 per year

Overseas Open to employees from companies, organisations and academic institutions of the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry based outside the European Union and USA, whose job functions fall within the Ordinary or Associate Member categories.

Membership Fee: £23 per year