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Training Bulletin April 2018

Training Bulletin

In this Training Bulletin we share with you upcoming events as part of the ACDM Training Programme.

Hot Topic: GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

The next Hot Topics Discussion will be held on 13th April and will be on the very current topic of GDPR. 

Further details:

Data Management Masterclass in a Healthcare Setting

This course is suitable for all staff involved in the operational conduct or oversight of clinical research across NHS, academic and commercial research units including Data Managers, Study Monitors, Research Managers, Study Coordinators, Sponsor representatives and other site staff.

The NHS R&D Forum has partnered with the Association of Clinical Data Management to deliver this master class for research management, support and leadership teams working in and for a health and care setting.

Ensuring high quality research data is a key role for those working for NHS R&D sponsor and host organisations but they may not be data management experts themselves.

Date: 17th April
Further details:

Soft Skills for Data Managers

This webinar provides an overview of key soft skills for Data Managers incorporating effective communication, negotiation and project management skills essential for supporting global projects within virtual teams. The trainers will share best practice examples and supportive processes and tools.

This webinar is aimed at Data Managers, Project Managers, Clinical Research Associates, Drug Safety specialists and Quality Assurance personnel.

Date: 25th April
Further details:

Level Two Accredited Training Program in Clinical Data Management – Technical Skills

Regulators are increasingly requesting evidence of competence. Experience alone does not provide evidence of competence. The ACDM, in partnership with the International Academy of Clinical Research, has developed a series of training programs supported by comprehensive course work and interactive sessions, providing independently recognized, competence-based accreditation to support the continued professional development of staff involved in the management of clinical trial data.

The Technical Accredited Training Program in Clinical Data Management is aimed at further developing essential technical and applied clinical data management skills. The training courses are highly interactive and supported by comprehensive materials and evaluated course work.

This course is aimed at data management professionals who have some hands-on experience across data management or are new to the data management role.

Date: 22nd and 23rd May 2018
Further details:

Regulatory Guidelines Refresh for Data Managers

Did you know that regulatory inspectors will be looking for evidence that you have received updated GCP & Regulations training every 2 years?  This webinar will provide you with an insight into how current regulations and guidelines need to be applied in the data management arena in order to ensure effective compliance with relevant laws.  The training course is updated annually so that you can be sure you have the most up to date information. This webinar is for anyone working in data management on clinical trials.  Why not gather a group together to ensure your team is up to date.

This webinar is aimed at Data Managers, Project Managers, Clinical Research Associates, Drug Safety specialists and Quality Assurance personnel.

Date: 23rd May 2018
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The Association for Professionals in the Management of Clinical Data